Authentic Pilates

8 Pilates is Kuala Lumpur’s first Authentic Pilates studio.

Why Authentic?

He created it. We teach it.

This is the true form of Pilates as created by Joseph Pilates himself. He passed it on to his protege Romana Kryzanowska, who taught Cynthia Lochard who taught Sophia Oh. Sophia is now back here in Kuala Lumpur, providing one-to-one lessons and group classes.

From her home studio in Bangsar, you will discover how Pilates can move your body in a new, controlled way. It strengthens your core, improves your posture and corrects your aches and pains.
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Your Instructor


Sophia Oh

Trained overseas and certified to the highest international standard, Sophia can draw upon the entire Pilates method of hundreds of exercises to meet your specific exercise goals.

With over 1,200 hours training, continuing annual training and 11 years international teaching experience in Sydney, Oxford, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Sophia has helped countless people change their bodies for the better.

Whether it be strengthening, increasing flexibility, control, balance, posture, rehabilitating an injury or optimising the efficiency of a professional athlete, Sophia will tailor you a program targeted to your needs.

Joseph designed this system for the benefit of everyone. We are here to pass it down through the generations.


The Studio

Work-out in this peaceful Bangsar neighbourhood.
Plenty of parking right outside.


Learn faster and go deeper

At 8 Pilates, you’ll be using Gratz machines – the original Pilates apparatus since 1929, endorsed by Joseph Pilates himself. Each machine allows Sophia to teach you exercises which strengthen, stretch and train your body for what it was designed to do.

Joseph deliberately designed exercises with and without machines:

  • Machines enable you to do exercise and stretches you couldn’t otherwise do – they help you feel exactly how to move your body and permit exercises you could not otherwise do.
  • Mat exercises can be done at home, in the park or anywhere else outside the studio.
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Sculpts your body by working against the resistance of springs.
Ideal for a gentle introduction to a full-blown advanced workout.
It can tone and strengthen nearly every muscle in the body.
Strengthens the spinal cord whilst improving flexibility.
Created in order to correct imbalances and improve posture.
Intensifies many mat-based stretching and lengthening exercises.

Why do Pilates?

We asked 30 clients what Pilates does for them. This is what they said:


Choose the package that suits you.

1 session
  • Personalised workout, with machines
  • Try first, upgrade to 10 later
  • Use any time
10 sessions
200 per session
  • Personalised workout, with machines
  • You’ll feel the difference
  • Use within 3 months
20 sessions
190 per session
  • Personalised workout, with machines
  • You’ll see the difference
  • Use within 6 months
30 sessions
180 per session
  • Personalised workout, with machines
  • You’ll have a whole new body
  • Use within 12 months
  • Each session is a private one-to-one session in the studio, using the machines.
  • Pilates lessons are one hour. Come any day, any time between 8am and 8pm.
  • Either pay Sophia when you come or pay online with PayPal.
1 mat class
  • Group class on mat
  • 2-6 people
  • Use any time
10 mat classes
45 per class
  • Group class on mat
  • 2-6 people
  • Use within 3 months
20 mat classes
45 per class
  • Group class on mat
  • 2-6 people
  • Use within 6 months
30 mat classes
45 per class
  • Group class on mat
  • 2-6 people
  • Use within 9 months
  • Join a group to learn Pilates mat exercises, taught by Sophia.
  • Each lesson is one hour, conducted in our spacious studio loft in Bangsar.
  • Bring your mat or buy one from Sophia (RM50).
  • Come twice per week for best results.

Mat exercises are an important part of the Pilates method. Joseph created the exercises to get real results from both mat and machine. You don’t need both but ideally you would combine them for maximum results.

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8 Jalan Terasek 7, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur

WhatsApp +44 7888 38 68 58
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8 Jalan Terasek 7, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur

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New location

The studio is now run by Chiu Yen in Damansara Heights.

Call +60164487896 to book your lesson.